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Rise up and strike, with Kimurawear®'s KBX Elite Series 14 oz Boxing Gloves. These premium Leather boxing gloves are hand crafted to perfection, and are the glove of choice for all advanced Boxing and Martial Artists.  We will gladly put this gloves Head to Head with any premium brand glove on the market, with its 4 layers of ReActive Foam and full Gel Shell, with a feature Gel Block to absorb any shock to the wrist.  This model was 17 years in the making and its now arrived and will forever change the landscape of quality, when it comes to Boxing Gloves.

KBX Elite Series 14 oz Boxing Gloves

    • Hand crafted mould for the perfect fit.
    • 4 Layers of our Famous ReActive Foam.
    • Full Gel Shell to absord Impact on hand.
    • Gel Box, above the wrist to absord impact to the wrist.
    • A fully adjustable wrap-